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I have been making traditional cider for over ten years now. I started making it when all that was on offer was sweet, syrupy, fizzy, tasteless so called ciders!

So I decided to make my own, after a bit of experimenting (and a few mishaps!) I developed my cider making knowledge and my cider started becoming popular at BBQs and family events. It was then I realised that there was a real thirst for proper cider!

Woodman's Cider was born

I have been making and selling cider commercially for six years now and demand keeps outstripping supply selling out each year as we grow. We are a small cider maker currently producing around 3000 litres a year. We use local apples from across the Vale of Belvoir on the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire border.

We pride ourselves on always meeting the customer to explain the qualities of traditional cider, that's why we only sell our cider at our tasting events, festivals and local markets.

Great cider takes time - We allow nature the time to provide

  • We make all of our cider using 100% apple juice

  • We let wild yeasts help a natural fermentation process

  • Our ciders ferment at low temperatures to ensure the best quality cider

  • We allow all of our ciders to mature to allow time for the flavours to develop properly

  • There are no additives in our cider, no sweeteners, flavourings or syrups

  • All of our ciders are gluten free and vegan friendly

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