Great cider takes time, that's why all our cider is matured for at least   six months

Woodman's Cider


The Large Leafed Lime is fine dry cider blended using personally selected cider apples from across Devon and Lincolnshire



The Mountain Ash is a delightful medium dry cider blended using the finest cider apples from Devon Dorset and Suffolk 



The Alder is a superb medium dry cider blended using the finest cider apples from Dorset, Devon and Nottinamshire



I love cider and over the years I've drunk various different kinds of ciders, but I've had enough of the sweet, syrupy, fizzy dribble we get offered as traditional cider.

So I decided to make my own - I'm talking about proper, traditional cider with only 100 per cent apple juice, nothing added.

What started as a hobby from my love of great cider soon developed into something more when friends always wanted to come and sample my cider. After years of them badgering me to sell them my cider, I realised that there was a real thirst for proper traditional cider.

Six years and several experiments later Woodman's Cider was born -  hand-pressed traditional cider at its finest.

Over recent years I've been carefully selecting apples from orchards across Nottinghamshire, Worcestershire, Devon and the Eastern Counties, each year creating new distinctive blends of cider, bringing together various flavours from right across the UK.

I'm proud of the ciders we make here at Woodman's, keeping traditional cider making alive right in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir.

apples, apples, apples

Here at Woodman's Cider we use apples carefully selected from orchards across the UK. Our orchards use natural pollination of the trees which is helping to support the under threat British bee population. We use do not select our apples from any orchards that use pesticides.

Because Nottinghamshire is not renowned for its cider making, a selection of the apples that we use are selected from orchards found on the West Coast and the Eastern counties. However where possible we also use apples sourced locally here in Nottinghamshire.

Our ciders are made using varieties such as Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Sweet Coppin and Tremletts Bitter just to name a few.

Woodman’s Cider is currently expanding and building up our own supply of trees, grafting the finest cider apple varieties for growing in our own orchards.



Lee from Coventry

Wow….. What a fantastic weekend with Gordon learning about the process of cider making. I was fortunate enough to experience the process from start to finish. I never realised the amount of hard work and effort involved but really enjoyed the experience. In the evening I was able to test various samples of previously made batches and as an avid cider drinker thought they were fantastic. 

Norman from Southampton

I've tasted many ciders over the years and if you’re looking for a traditional cider, there’s none better than Woodman’s. Over the last six years I’ve worked with Woodman’s Cider – building presses to pressing apples, this has given me valuable insight into how real cider is made. If you want a drink free from additives and steeped in history this is the drink for you.... sit, pour, drink and savour


Krystle from Havant

To say I'm not  cider drinker is an understatement, however I was asked to try Woodman's Cider and I'm now converted! I couldn't get enough of this, it is a wonderful taste of summer, perfect for those long summer afternoon days sat around the BBQ with family and friends. Absolutely amazing, I would thoroughly recommend everyone try this cider.


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